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WIT Japan & North Asia 2018 – Preview

WIT Japan & North Asia is due to take place on 28th and 29th June in Tokyo’s prestigious Westin Hotel. In pursuit of Better Travel, WIT Japan & North Asia 2018 will celebrate and promote the five key values of Openness, Diversity, Creativity, Love and Respect. CarTrawler is proud to champion the value of Openness for 2018. Openness is directly aligned with what CarTrawler does on a day to day basis. Our open technology platform enables our global partners to tap into a vault of opportunities for their business. CarTrawler truly are open and engaged facilitators of Better Travel and the value of Openness exemplifies this.


CarTrawler’s Chief Technology Officer Bobby Healy is a perfect example of this value, having kept an open mind throughout the years in the travel technology space. With a keen eye for technological disruptions, Bobby will be showcasing his forward-focused thoughts this year at WIT Japan and North Asia 2018.


Entitled ‘Ruled by Passion, Powered by Tech,’ Bobby’s talk will primarily focus on the emergence of AI in the technology space and how this will impact businesses and customers alike. He will discuss the advent of machine learning and how this technological advancement can effectively bridge the gap between businesses and changing consumer needs. He will demonstrate how CarTrawler’s display mechanism is fed from the combined power of behavioural economics and advanced machine learning.


WIT Japan & North Asia 2018 promises to be a highly insightful industry event and is not to be missed as travel industry leaders gather to simultaneously create an ecosystem which supports Better Travel.



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