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Leadership and innovation key to CarTrawler’s Fast 50 success

Deloitte’s 18th annual Technology Fast 50 Awards, which recognises and ranks Irish indigenous technology companies that have shown exceptional growth over the past four years, was held in Dublin on Friday.

According to Deloitte, “cumulatively, the 2017 Fast 50 winners generated approximately €858 million in total annual revenues in 2016. The average revenue of companies featuring on the ranking was approximately €17 million, while the average growth rate of the companies over the last four years was 290%.”

Announcing the winners Joan O’Connor, Partner, Deloitte said: “Each year, these awards showcase the very best of the Irish technology industry. What really strikes me this year is the focus the winning companies have on global markets – we estimate just under 90% of our winning companies’ revenues are generated by exports – this demonstrates the ambition and drive of Irish technology companies to diversify and the global nature of this business.”

b Mike and Gillian Smaller

Mike McGearty with Joan O’Connor, Partner Deloitte and Gillian French

CarTrawler was in the running for the Innovative New Technology Award, which is given to the company that has created or introduced a new or innovative product or service to International markets that has helped grow their business over the last four years. The Dundrum based Irish indigenous software success story also entered a candidate into the Leading Female Award, which is given to a leading female in technology who has contributed to business growth within their organisation.

It just so happened that this was going to be a record year for CarTrawler as the world’s leading multimodal travel technology company scooped both awards.

First up was CarTrawler CEO Mike McGearty, who collected the Innovative New Technology Award for the firm’s SmartBlock system. This technology was devised deep in CarTrawler’s innovation skunkworks by an invaluable team who worked tirelessly on the project for four years. The development and introduction of the SmartBlock technology directly contributed to an increase in revenue, conversions and commissions. The system is not only visually appealing to customers with its clean layout and UI but, it has incredible intelligence, which through smart collaboration can put the right product in front of the customer at the right time. Smartblock is the antithesis to the legacy XML integration of third-party ancillaries for Airlines. A piece of “drop-in” technology that operates independently of the technology stack of an Airlines’ eco-system. Currently in production with some of the worlds’ leading Airlines, Smartblock is setting the benchmark in forward-thinking.

Gillian French, Chief People Officer
Gillian French, Chief People Officer

Next up on the podium was CarTrawler’s Chief People Officer, Gillian French, who picked up the Leading Female Award for her tireless work in growing the business and cementing the transparent approach which CarTrawler utilises to maintain a healthy gender balance. “Our Chief People Officer Gillian French won the award for her work at advancing CarTrawler’s efforts to achieve gender equality,” said CEO Mike McGearty. “During her twelve year tenure at CarTrawler, Gillian has been indispensable in shaping our business into the flexible, fair and understanding organisation it is today,” he continued, “she deftly displays the characteristics of a woman in a senior business position who utilises her role model status to drive change, inclusivity and balance.”

Read more about Gillian and her award by following this link.

CarTrawler has been one of the strongest players on the illustrious Fast 50 list for almost a decade, with the firm’s forward momentum bolstered by its restless dissatisfaction allowing it to increase its share in existing markets and expand into new ones, making it consistently one of the top performers in Ireland. The organisation’s acquisition of Holidays Autos and Cabforce has helped its expansion into ground transportation, encompassing shuttle, taxi, rail and bus solutions, further solidifying its multimodal portfolio.

“Our tireless work and innovation have been imperative to our forward trajectory and exceptional growth,” said CCO Aileen McCormack. “CarTrawler is a company that is changing the way our partners and suppliers think about business and being recognised for our work at Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Awards further solidifies our position as the top international, multimodal travel technology company.”